Ignorance is Strength

Ignorance is Strength

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I’m an atheist. I was also an atheist when I made this picture, although I was a bit more obnoxious about it, as an unfortunate side-effect of frequenting a religion and spirituality forum where I was near constantly exposed to the dumbest, craziest, and generally most awful members of the religious fringe. I’m still an atheist, but I’ve mellowed out a bit in the years since I noticed that that exposure was turning me into the sort of hard-liner atheist I hate (mostly because they make me look bad by association, but partly because they’re just as bad as their hard-liner religious counterparts) and left that forum for good, and I’m not really comfortable with how aggressive I was in my disbeliefs back then, and try to distance myself somewhat from some of the more spiteful things I wrote and made during that period. This would be one of those things, except that I’m really proud of the composition and aesthetics and whatnot, if not the message.

The message in question was drawing parallels between mainstream Christianity, Catholicism in particular, and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. While the parallels might not be so fitting for your average Christian, but it’s still a dead ringer for old school Christianity and the more hard-core modern Bible-thumpers. But, as mentioned before, I’m not really proud of the message so I won’t bother going into those parallels here.

I’m still quite fond of poking fun at religion in a more lighthearted manner, though. Well I think it’s lighthearted, anyway. The hardcore fundies never seem to get the joke.


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