UBIK poster


This isn’t a movie I want to make so much as a movie I wish Hollywood would make.

They’re making a new ‘We Can Remember It for You Wholesale‘ (aka ‘Total Recall‘) movie, as you may have heard, as part of the movie industry’s ongoing love affair with the novels of Philip K. Dick (yes, Hollywood loves Dick), reminding of me of one of my favorite Philip K. Dick books so far*, ‘UBIK‘ which I believe would make an awesome movie. Plus, it doesn’t have a long-winded title, and I know how much Hollywood hates the long-winded titles of Dick’s books. I still don’t know what a “blade runner” is (but then again, I never found out whether or not androids dream of electric sheep either).

Anyway, if you haven’t read ‘UBIK‘, read it. Its amazing. And if you’ve got connections in Hollywood, please tell them to stop bouncing the screenplay around and make the goddamn film already.

Also, check out the font I used for the credit block. Its got built-in “produced by” and “written by” thingies so you don’t have to mess around with the font sizes.


*To clarify that, I mean its one of my favorite Philip K. Dick books that I’ve read so far, not one of my favorites that he’s written so far. I’m well aware that he isn’t going to write anything new on account of the fact that he’s dead. Or are all of us the one’s who are dead, and Philip K. Dick really alive?


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