DARPA Demotivator


Seriously, these guys are given three billion dollars a year to come up with stupid ideas like flying goddamn humvees and then contract tons of different people to design, build, and test their stupid ideas before concluding that it was a stupid idea and won’t work. Really? Ya think?. Gee, if you wanted to waste 54 million taxpayer dollars (yes really) to find out that flying goddamn humvees are a stupid idea, you should just give all that money to me, because I could’ve told you that from day one. And the worst part? We already have flying humvees! They’re called helecopters!

You know, since we’re trying to balance the budget anyway, we should try cutting DARPA. The only government funding these guys should be receiving is to pay for their treatment at the state mental institution. You know, something constructive.

And if you’re wondering, yes I have a bone to pick with these guys. And yes the flying goddamn humvee is my poster child for why the guys at DARPA are the world’s dumbest smart guys.

Flying! Goddamn! Humvees!


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