Fnord Bumper Sticker

Fnord Sticker

If you know what fnords are and I wasn’t the one who told you about them, I take my nonexistent hat off to you (NOTE TO SELF: buy a hat).

You have no idea how hard it was to find a religious symbol that resembled an R. Had to dredge up some obscure quote unquote “pagan” faith you’ve probably never heard of (ah neo-paganism, the hipster of religions). The only other option was equally underground, but was also used by Neo-Nazis, so I thought that maybe that wouldn’t be such a good choice, although I have absolutely nothing against the non-Nazi related religion that uses it but I do think they should have found out whether Nazis were using the symbol they wanted before choosing it when they were founded undoubtedly within the last few decades (seriously you guys. Stop pretending that your religions are ancient. Also, stop using the word “Pagan” like it’s the name of a religion instead of a catchall term for any and every religion that isn’t Christianity Judaism or Islam. You’re only embarrassing yourselves). The ancient religion that both the Nazi and non-Nazi religions ripped off is fine, though. It’s not their fault.



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