Cat, As Viewed From Behind

Cat, as Viewed from Behind

Every time I think about the Cheshire Cat (who if I remember correctly is only ever referred to in the text as “the Cat”), and the vast majority of times I think about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in general, I almost immediately start to wonder about that trick he does where he disappears except for his smile (and occasionally his eyes). Specifically, if he were to turn around, would you see the backs of his eyes and teeth? This is never addressed in the book, mostly because its not important, and in TV in film adaption the Cat never turns away from the camera while in that form. But it really bugs me. Doesn’t help that I’ve really been getting into using imagery from Wonderland lately, as part of my general increasing interest in surrealism, absurdism, and general mindfuckery in film and literature (as supposed to just the static media), and as such have been thinking about it a lot more.

So yeah, that’s what this piece is about.

And yes, I drive myself crazy over this sort of nonsense without being stoned. God knows what sorts of things I’d start wondering about if I ever actually tried pot.

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