Los Angeles Metro Gold Line: Highland Park

I take the Los Angeles Metro a lot to get to and from appointments on the other side of town. Whenever I take the Gold Line, the main above ground branch of the Metro and the closest to my house, I tend to look out the window a lot, and when I do I tend to notice a lot of stuff that I’d like to go take pictures of. Unfortunately, I can’t stop and get out for fear of missing said appointments, so in September of 2012 I began an ongoing expedition to get off at every stop on the Gold Line and take pictures, which extended into the new year due to delays. Many of the stops ended up not having anything interesting, but those that did more than made up for the difference.

These are from the second stop, Highland Park Station



A truck full of random bits and bobs. Also, check out that tree branch in the top right corner with a perfect right angle in it. That’s pretty weird, huh?


Barring the Doors


Something I found in a parking lot


Van Invasion


A street view


Typewriter Repair

Typewriter Repair

A typewriter repair shop. When was the last time you saw one of those, eh?


Highland Theatre

Highland Theatre

A view of the Highland Theatre sign


Chicken Man

Chicken Man

He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere!




An interesting graffito I found


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