Alright, so I’ve recently had a lot of appointments that I needed to get off the Metro at the Westlake MacArthur Park station to get to. Every day when I left, I took the escalator down and looked at the mural above it. Your standard public art mural. Colorful designs in the middle, a few people of various ethnicities towards the edge. On one side there’s a man holding a little baby that, for reasons unknown, has nightmarish, jagged, empty holes full of pitch-black nothingness where its eyes ought to be, like something straight out of a goddamn horror movie.

This is a largely unedited photo of that demonic baby. I just dropped the lighting and saturation a little bit.

The name of this piece is taken from a creature found in Malay mythology known as  a Toyol, which is a demonic construct made by an evil wizard that is essentially a horrible, twisted mockery of everything a baby is. Mythology is weird like that.


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