Oceano Dunes

This was my second attempt to locate DeMille’s Lost City. I got to the visitor’s center, and they were able to point me in roughly the right direction. Unfortunately the desert in which it’s located, the Oceano Dunes State Recreation Area (actually an extremely large beach, but if you’re facing away from the ocean you’d never guess that), is fucking enormous, and completely lacking in trails or paths of any kind, so finding the City itself was a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I parked and headed off on foot in the direction that looked the most like Egypt. An hour later my car had vanished over the horizon, I was completely worn out from hiking up and down giant piles of sand, it was starting to get pretty cold and looking like it might rain, the Recreation Area was coming up on closing time and I hadn’t found the Lost City, so I decided to turn back and try again another weekend.

Luckily, I thought to look up the geographical coördinates for the Lost City when I got home so I might have an easier time knowing where to stop and in which direction to walk next time, although I’m thinking I might want to hold off until I can get one of those little off-roady things.



Just a cool construction vehicle of unclear purpose I encountered on my way through Guadalupe. Seems to have something to do with the railroad.


Little Sahara I


See what I mean about it looking just like a desert? The ocean is even actually in this picture (towards the right side of the horizon there) and it still looks more like a desert than a beach.




I think it was pretty obvious that the Lost City wasn’t in this direction. Oceano Dunes had some pretty varied terrain.


Little Sahara II



Highway Overcast



To be continued. . . .


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