Fantastic Collective Nouns

The animal kingdom is home to a plethora of what are known as “collective nouns”, or singular nouns that refer to groups of animals. While most people just talk about “herds” and “flocks”, many animals have much more interesting, if somewhat more obscure, words that can also be used whenever they gather, whether it be a crash of rhinos, a murder of ravens or an exaltation of larks. Well why should real animals get to have all the fun? Here’s a list of proposed collective nouns for mythological, legendary and fictional creatures, people and entities.

And yes, I’m aware that somebody else has already done something like this, but this list was generated independently of Wondermark’s. Any similarities are pure coincidence, or perhaps a sign that great minds truly do think alike (or that fools seldom differ).

  • An Abundance of Furred Trout
  • An Abduction of Greys
  • An Asylum of Melonheads
  • A Banquet of Wendigos
  • A Barbarity of Orcs
  • A Case of Bonsai Kittens
  • A Chariot of Ancient Astronauts
  • A Choir of Angels
  • A Circle of Demons
  • A Cloak of Shadow People
  • A Conspiracy of Reptilians
  • A Critias of Atlantians
  • A Crypt of Vampires
  • A Depravity of Satyrs
  • A Disfigurement of Kuchisaki-Onnas (if anyone knows the proper Japanese plural of “Kuchisaki-Onna”, please let me know)
  • A Futility of Snipes
  • A Gibbering of Elder Gods
  • A Glamour of Fairies
  • A Hail of Drop Bears
  • A Hoard of Dragons
  • An Inconvenience of Kobolds
  • An Innuendo of Unicorns
  • A Martyrdom of Saints
  • An Oppression of Illuminati
  • A Paradox of Time Travelers
  • A Peal of Thunderbirds
  • A Prophecy of Mothmen
  • A Puddle of Slime Monsters
  • A Recursion of Ouroboroi
  • A Release of Krakens
  • A Resemblance of Doppelgängers
  • A Revulsion of Gorgons
  • A Riddle of Sphinxes
  • A Ride of Valkyries
  • A Sabotage of Gremlins
  • A Saucer of Martians
  • A Shamble of Zombies
  • A Shining of Ghosts
  • A Shriek of Banshees
  • A Seduction of Succubae
  • A Stealth of Hidebehinds
  • A Stride of Bigfoot (Bigfoots? Bigfeet?)
  • A Testament of Prophets
  • A Touristry of Lake Monsters
  • A Wink of Cyclopes
  • A Wrinkle of Hags


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3 responses to “Fantastic Collective Nouns

  1. Mr.H

    Well, those are Informative.


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