A few Doctored images

This is something I made for fun a couple months ago.


I was perusing old timey woodcuts looking for resources for Hybird and I stumbled across an illustration from Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens which contained a figure that curiously resembled Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor on the British popular science fiction series Doctor Who. So I modified the image slightly to enhance the resemblance.

Here’s the original (source):


Although Eleven has actually worn an outfit nearly identical to the one in the original image a couple times when visiting the Victorian era (uncanny, isn’t it?), said outfit wasn’t exactly as iconic as his trademark fez (which he wore only twice, for only a couple minutes in each occasion, but whatever). I also added a  bow tie, removed the top hat (because why carry a hat when you’re also wearing one?) and replaced it with his sonic screwdriver.

One of my favorite things about woodcuts is that they’re really really easy to Photoshop convincingly. And really, why let Slenderman fans ’cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good have all the fun? And unlike the guy who ‘Shopped those “Der Großmann” woodcuts (the bogosity of which I won’t cover in detail here, as it’s already been adequately covered by other bloggers), I’m making absolutely no attempt to use this as an “evidence that the Doctor is real” hoax, although if any of you were to redistribute it while claiming or otherwise implying that it was legit, I wouldn’t object.

I also made a cropped version in which the interior door of the room is turned into the exterior door of the TARDIS, which briefly served as my avatar picture on an internet forum relevant to the topic.



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