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Commissions for pamphlets, newsletters, posters and other text and pictures laid out together type publications

Commission: Family Support Round Table Invite

An invite I made as part of my real job as the unofficial official in-house graphic designer for the Eastern Los Angeles Family Resource Center (my official position is more of an odd-jobs sort of thing) for an event they were hosting.

I confess that I boosted the brightness and saturation a bit in this photo, since the room I took it in is somewhat dimly lit, and cameras don’t really adjust the way eyes do. You still can’t really see the colors in the border and illuminated dropcap, though. I’ll have to work on my color correction a bit.


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Commission: LASPG Logo and Letterhead

Logo and Letterhead which I made for the Los Angeles Asperger’s Parents’ Support Group90e2255dd0c87ddb37782667e560e642-d30zq4z



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Commission: ‘The World According to Corey Through Linda’s Eyes’

Cover design and illustrations I did for a book written collaboratively written by old two friends of mine, Linda Andron and Corey Heads.




Life and it’s Cousin Monday

Life and its Cousin Monday revised


My Dad

My Dad

Please note, this refers to Corey’s dad, not my dad. I just make the pictures


Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh

Pokemon and Yugioh


Empathy and Support

empathy and support


Face It, It’s Just Biology

face it its just biology


Flushing Goldfish

flushing gold fish


The Funeral Man

funeral man revised3


I Know Where I Am



Manual Labor

mannual labor





The Professor

the professor

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