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BrokenEye Media is now on Etsy

I’ve just finished setting up shop for the beginning of my trial run on Etsy. Currently my stock is limited to single copies of ten of my favorite works of mine, but if these do well, a larger stock is soon to follow.

The link to my shop can be found below:


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BrokenDreams Poster


Unlike my previous movie posters, this is for something I actually intend to put into production. Not as a film, mind you, but a series of webisodes.

The basic concept is that these will be events, characters. and other things from dreams I’ve had, all strung together into something resembling a coherent plot, although still operating largely on dream logic.

I’ve begun an initial release of a rough draft of the series on Spore: Galactic Adventures to test the waters, and see how people like it. So far I’ve gotten a very positive response, so the chances of the actual webisodes are pretty good. Originally they were going to be at the end of the line as far as animation projects go, but upon further consideration I’ve decided to do them first on account of them being the shortest.

The chap on the poster isn’t actually from any of my dreams, however. He’s an original character named Mr. Billycock, who’s going to be standing in for a portion of the generic people that have played a key parts in my dreams but who’s names and appearances I can’t remember (you know how dreams are). I’ll be designing a few more similarly surreal characters to do the same, because Mr. Billycock can’t stand in for everyone I’ve forgotten (and indeed, he’s only going to stand in for characters who were, in the dream, allied close acquaintances of mine, of roughly the same rank/social stature as myself but with more knowledge about the situation at hand). These characters will all have more fleshed-out personalities than merely playing substitute for forgotten mental constructs, Mr. Billycock being a trickster figure who knows a good deal more than he’s letting on.

Billycock was visually inspired by René Magritte’s painting “Son of Man”, the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and a bit of raw surrealist imagination on my part. The shape of his cufflink is an inanimate floating figure from a very surreal and completely uneventful reoccurring nightmare I used to have when I was a kid (those who have Spore: Galactic Adventures can find a recreation of that dream here)

The image in his hand is of a teleportation device (an odd fusion of a stargate, a warp pipe, a slide, and a bowling alley) which is a reoccurring background detail in my dreams, which I occasionally actually use. You sit down on the bowling ally floor and slide towards the portal. What happens next tends to change a bit, but you end up somewhere other than where you were before.

The Spore series can be found here or by scanning the QR code in the upper right hand corner of the poster. I’ll add a link to the video series once I’ve started on that.


Stock textures by XcrazyBloodsuckerX and Sed-rah-Stock

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