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This may look like some sort of commentary on religion, but to be perfectly honest, it’s just a really awesome idea for a jacket and I want it.

Straight jacket + clerical collar = awesomegod

Seriously though. Somebody make this a real thing, or I will come to your house an preach at you. I have pamphlets. Don’t make me use them.

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Think Differently

Think Differently

Ted Bundy, now there was a man who knew how to think…. *ahem*… different.

I mean, Albert Einstein never thought that it was okay for him strangle people to death, behead them, and have sex with their corpses. That’s a different thought if I’ve ever seen one.

(If nobody gets the reference, that’s okay, but I’ll feel really old. If nobody gets either reference, then you all have lead very sheltered lives and are probably only just now discovering this newfangled “interwebs” contraption. No, it isn’t Neal Caffrey from White Collar.)

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