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Hello World!

Hello people of the internet.  My name is BrokenEye… well, that isn’t my real name, of course. I’ll reveal that in good time, once I’ve gotten to know the community here at WordPress a little better. But for now you can call me by my screen name, “BrokenEye” (or “BrokenEye, the True False Prophet”, if you’re not into that whole brevity thing). I’m a digital artist specializing in surrealism and satire, as well as an artistic photographer (which is to say, I don’t do portraits or event photography, so don’t ask). I also do some graphic design and illustrationboth on commission and as the unofficial in-house graphic designer at my real job, as well as the occasional movie poster just for practice—and am starting to dabble in a few other mediums.

Anyway, this is my new art blog. I’ve just moved here from deviantArt due to general incompetence and neglect on the part of the administrative staff there. Now, I know what you’ve heard about that place (and believe me, all the rumors are completely true) but I promise you that my art is not furry bondage porn or Homestruck/My Little Pony/Sonic the Hedgehog  fanart featuring cliched (un)original characters made in Microsoft Paint or anything stereotypically deviantArt like that. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry because you won’t find any of that here. If you’re looking for quality street photography with a unique eye for aesthetic or bizarre and/or darkly humorous digital art, on the other hand, you’re in luck, because that’s what I’ve got. Now, you can decide for yourself whether it’s any good, once I start posting, but people seem to like it, which in my book is generally a pretty good sign.

If you’re reading this particular post, it’s probably because I haven’t posted any of my art yet. I’m going to start uploading my past work over the next couple of days (or weeks, if it comes to that). Once that’s finished, I’ll get started on my new stuff. At some point during that I’ll try and figure out what I want the blog to look like and start putting that into motion as well. If, by the time you read this, all that is done, feel free to disregard this paragraph.

Anyway, that’s basically it for now. I don’t know if you got a good feel for what to expect here from this article, but I hope you’ll stick around to get a better feel for that once I start posting. Most of the folks to stop by this early in the game probably already know me from elsewhere anyway.



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